What does it take to work for Yourself / Be Your own Boss?

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Through life so many of us have been focusing mainly on external matters. Work, family, friends, responsibilities, expectations, desires…

When we finally take a leap of faith and start our own business, quitting the 9 to 5 and finally being our own bosses. We usually face one of the two.

The more reasonable of us take it step by step, the start building their side hustle while still being employed, they have the discipline to handle two jobs at the same time. Therefore, when they do take the leap of faith, their business already proved it’s concept and is at least able to feed them.

Then there are the risk takers, no matter how we felt towards our 9 to 5 job. We decided that it’s time to do our own thing. As well as no matter from what circumstance we come to it. Be it just quitting the job or being laid off.

There still is a major issue, for the majority of the time we rely on external motivation, like accountability, expectations, teamwork and having a leader to get the work done.

When we finally became our own bosses, the major thing we missed

in the “job application” is that the biggest part of the job is being your own boss. By fact setting inspiring goals you will be striving for, holding yourself accountable and disciplined to execute on them.

Imagine, if you were hired to be the CEO of a company and you ended up working as you do now?

Do you believe that you would hold your place for at least several months?

I believe, if you were entrusted with that responsibility, you would do your best every single day, to prove them right for entrusting you.

Now, let’s look at how you are dealing with the responsibility you entrusted to yourself, when you became your own boss. 

Are you doing everything in your power to prove to yourself all that time ago that you back then made the right choice to set on this journey?

I also believe, that you back then and you now, deserve the position you entrusted yourself with. 

Now, let’s discover how to live up to the responsibility you entrusted yourself with.

There are many aspects to be taken care of. Let’s focus on ten must do / non-negotiable components to it:

  1. 12-week aspiring goal setting
  2. Two week work sprints
  3. Bi-weekly masterminding
  4. Weekly or Daily accountability group
  5. Morning “opening office” routine and journaling.
  6. At least two planned, scheduled and strategic work periods per day. (Not for busy work)
  7. Daily Mental care rituals
  8. Daily Emotional care rituals
  9. Daily Physical care rituals
  10. End of the day retrospective and journaling.


Let’s rate each of them from 1 (not present at all) to 10 (Have a systematic long term practice of it). Be truthful to yourself.

Each one of them must have its own practice in your life. Even care rituals must be separate.

  • Mental care is both about unloading your mind and strategically learning something new.
  • Emotional care is both about reflection & inner work and healthy empowering relationships.
  • Physical care is both about what you put into yourself and how you interact with the world physically, be it exercise, walks, stretches, going for massages and so on.
  • As well as all other aspects of the list should have their own flow and time. 

Let’s count.

How many point’s did you score in total?

If you scored below 60 points, It’s alright, we all start somewhere, now the matter is what you choose for yourself next! I strongly recommend you join me on Facebook and Instagram. Because, we will be discovering and learning best practices in all of the 10 aspects, so you can start living up to the responsibility you entrusted yourself with.

If you scored in the range of 60 – 75, you are in a good space. You are doing a lot for yourself already. Want to discover how we can potentially boost it up? Join me on Facebook and Instagram.

Now, you scored 75+? You are either BIG TIME BSing yourself or Truly living up to the responsibility you entrusted yourself with. Either way, let’s connect!)

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