Why is coaching really important, especially for 70% of leaders?

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Why is coaching really important, especially for 70% of leaders?​

You may have noticed that in your life there is a certain pattern of decision making that works for you and brings desired results, but at the same time it may contradict what many industry leaders are pushing, as well as you might have even noticed that it may totally differ from the people around you, like your boss, colleagues, team members or even your spouse.

You might also be in a situation, where you are trying to follow the suggested decision-making patterns of important people around you, but each time you do it their way, things get stuck and make you feel frustrated, without understanding why it works for them, but it doesn’t for you. 

I have to say right here and now, your all good! There is nothing wrong or broken about you, it’s just that no one taught you to be you.

Everyone of us is born with an imprint of energies, which represent our gifts, talents and growth zones. Throughout centuries philosophers, psychologists and therapists tried to put together a system to map out, our personality traits, to really find out, why we are who we are.

Now, in the 21st century we have truly powerful systems, to answer these questions and take our self-awareness to the next level.

Tools like Myers-Briggs (Jung’s Archetypes), The Enneagram, Human Design and others, are all dynamic and fascinating tools for self-discovery, but today I want to answer the question “why is coaching really important, especially for 70% of leaders?”.

Before continuing, I would like to ask you to go to the official human design website and get a reading of your bodygraph. You will need to know your birth location and time for the most correct result, here minutes may matter, but approximate time is a good start to introduce yourself to this tool.

We are going to look at Human design, a tool that connects modern science and ancient wisdom to uncover your energy imprint and discover a road map to your true authentic self.

In this system one of the main things we look at is how to build an authentic decision making process based on your types strategy and your inner authority.

This at the same time for 70% of leaders out there, is one of the hardest truths to bare, in our modern society, which is focused purely on the idea that leaders have to be achievers and manifest their goals without having to turn to others for help and support.

In the right table of the bodygraph you generated through the link above, you will see your chart properties, we are going to look at type, strategy and not-self theme.

So what we need to know about ourselves, there are four types in the system.

  1. Manifestors
  2. Generators (Including Manifesting Generators)
  3. Projectors
  4. Reflectors

And here we will find the answer to why is coaching really important, especially for 70% of leaders.

All of the types in this system benefit from coaching, but there is one type that depends the most on the core function of coaching, which is asking powerful questions.

This type is the biggest and most dominant type group on the planet with nearly 70% of the population, they are the Generators.

Generators are the driving life force of the planet. Their strategy is to respond, and through response to find satisfaction and avoid frustration. They have an open and enveloping aura, and need to learn about themselves.

The key issue of this type is that we do not have an authentic, truthful answer until something external stimulates us and a authentic response will be born.

Meaning that the majority of us are born into families and cultures, where you HAVE to be “SOMEONE” your family or society wants you to be, and no one ever asked You nor ever valued Your opinion on what You want to do or who You want to be.

That is why the majority of us have an unmatching decision making process as well as unsatisfying and frustrating lives.

That is where coaching comes in and does it’s magic.

Coach is there to ask you powerful questions and help you align with your truth.

We do have to be careful, because many coaches, even though have the know-how of certain tools to achieve the results you want, they lack systems to identify a unique approach to your development, applying “universal” tools to achieve common results.

But if your goal is to build something truly authentic and great, only a unique approach through the uncovering of your personality profile can bring out your gifts, talents and growth zones to awareness without having to spend anywhere from several months to decades of therapy to uncover all the depths of what was imprinted and conditioned in you.

In case your goal is to build something truly authentic and great out of your career, business, relationships and life in general.

I invite you to a complementary coaching session that is my investment into you!

Within 60 – 90 minutes you will gain clarity, we will go through your current priorities and discover how within the next 3 months you can build a solid self-awareness foundation that you deserved to get a long time ago!

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