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My Story

Through my life experiences I obtained the passion for guiding people through their journey of self-awareness, self-discovery and self-realization.

Working through my traumas, social anxiety and learning to live with ADHD, made me realize how much we are left to ourselves and on the way of trying to find our own path, we are constantly being pushed to live out the agendas of other people.

Research by Bronnie Ware revealed a common regret of people on deathbed: They wish they had the courage to live a life true to themselves, not the life others expected of them.

Catching myself with these regrets in my 20s, made me strive to be more self-aware and find my path in life.

That is what drove me to become a Personal Development Coach, an Enneagram master practitioner, Cognitive-behavioral therapy practitioner and a Personality psychology expert.
As a natural outcome these skills merged with my education and experience in business administration and marketing.

Together they allow me to help my clients uncover their authentic self, structure their life experiences and discover how to start build an aligned life, not from the mind but by trusting the inner self.

Discovering the inner hero self and nurturing their leadership potential, which includes self-realization in their trade or business. 

As well as empowering them to take the relationship with their partner to the next level of intimacy, mutual understanding and consideration, to uplift each other’s strengths and support weaknesses.

That’s in short my story and what I am here for, let’s discover together the real YOU.

Journey steps

Understood that I made many choices based on the desires of others I began to seek my authentic path.
In 2016 – Discovered through The Enneagram a system that helped me make sense of my experiences in life and how can I support my self-realization in life.
That experience of self-discovery made me realize that everyone deserves to discover this about themselves like I did
Started to deep dive into studying coaching, personality psychology, The Enneagram, Human Design
In 2019 – After expensive studies synthesized a unique three step approach to self discovery
Created Unpacking Personality Framework based on the approach
In 2022 – After living with my wife (psychotherapist) for 5 years got inspired and decided to enhance my framework by undergoing training in Psychological consulting in Cognitive behavioral approach (CBT).
Tested and refined the approach with clients, partners and colleagues over the course of 5 years
In 2024 – Launched Emotionally Intelligent Entrepreneur Project

My Approach

Through my studies I have learned that there are three important components of our live experience that we should become at least aware of to reduce friction, frustration and stress.

They are our Mental Health, our Personality and our Potential. The sequence here is important. 

Individual approach is at the essence of the framework.

I believe investments into your personal development and growth should target primarily the aspects of your mental health, personality and potential that will provide you with the highest ROI and have the highest impact on life satisfaction.

Following advice of thought leaders, trainers and gurus can be a big hit and miss game, because the training you receive in most cases represents what worked for them, and what worked for them will be unique to their state of mental health, personality and potential.

Those that get the most value out of those training’s, are in most cases a match with the personality and or potential.

The books you read would be either a condensed subjective experience of one individual or a generalization of experiences from a vast variety of people.

The better you understand the inventory of your perception, skills and potential that you currently have, the better you will be able to accurately and effectively invest your time and resources to grow, achieve your goals, live a more satisfying life, have better relationships and make an impact on the world around you.

My approach Unpacking Personality Framework

Professional Qualifications

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