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My approach

An Individual approach to you as a client is at the essence of the framework. 

I believe investments into your personal development and growth should target primarily the aspects of your mental health, personality and potential that will provide you with the highest ROI and have the highest impact on life satisfaction.

When you follow advice of thought leaders, trainers and gurus, I believe you already experienced that it can be a big hit and miss game, because the training you receive in most cases represents what worked for them, and what worked for them will be unique to their mental healthpersonality and potential.

Those that get the most value out of those training’s, are in most cases a match with the personality and or potential.

The better you understand the inventory of your perception, skills and potential that you currently have, the better you will be able to accurately and effectively invest your time and resources to grow, achieve your goals, live a more satisfying life, have better relationships and make an impact on the world around you.

My approach Unpacking Personality Framework

Unpacking Personality Framework

Three components of self-discovery work.

This framework was designed to take you through a journey of self-discovery in a practical, understandable and actionable manner.

Framework overview

Through my studies I have learned that there are three important components of our life experience that we should become at least aware of to reduce friction, frustration and stress. 

They are our Mental Health, our Personality and our Potential. The sequence here is important.

About mental health within the Unpacking Personality Framework

We start with the scientific approach to self-discovery, our Mental health.

It helps us to create opportunities for change and to avoid the pitfalls we can face discovering the next perspective.

Then we move on to psychological perspective, our Personality.

It helps us better understand the experiences of life and to explore the blind spots in our experiences, which in it’s turn boosts our development efficiency and progress.

About personality within the Unpacking Personality Framework
About potential within the Unpacking Personality Framework

Then we expand our perception by exploring the inborn aspect of life, our Potential, which is the most dynamic and demands the knowledge of first two to avoid the pitfalls of the topic.

Exploration of this aspect of life, gives us an overview of life scenarios that we constantly face, this in turn gives us great reflective foundation to even further enhance our Mental health.

Mental Health

Let’s discover what do we target in this section of self-discovery. 

The first thing we touch in the framework is learning how your brain and emotional intelligence works.

We explore puzzle pieces of your brain and their functions.

The specific mechanics and systems in your brain that are responsible for making sense of the world around you and processing information (cognition, perception and behavior)

Here we explore:

According to World Health Organization (WHO), mental health is a “state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and can contribute to his or her community”. 

This is exactly what we are aiming to work on with the framework.

Help you realize your potential, develop resilience to stress and productively work on sharing your talents with the world around you.

Once we work through and understand that we process the world around us in our unique way developed through our life, become aware that we formed Mental filters (Cognitive biases, Distortion filters, Expectations) that lead to stressors and triggers.

We can now turn to discovering opportunities for growth and development through understanding our personality, that represents the core of our autopilot.


As mentioned here we discover opportunities for growth and development through understanding your personality, that represents the core of your autopilot. 

There are many systems that allow us to look at different soft skills and cognitive traits that we have developed over time, for example the Big5, DISC and Myers Briggs.

The challenge with these systems is that depending on your state of mind and emotions, your perception and ability of self-regulation fluctuates, which in turn changes the way you provide answers in questioners > which leads to what we call mistyping (different outcomes of tests over time).

These systems are great to discover formed traits, but what about the underlying structure that drives the formation of specific traits?

This is where The Enneagram becomes a stand out model among systems that help you in self-discovery, growth and development. 

The Enneagram system gives you an opportunity to discover the structure of the driving motivation behind why you are the way you are on autopilot (things that go without saying for you), what blind spots did it nurture and what skills did it help you to develop as a result.

Here we explore:

After exploring the opportunities for growth, and

We continue the journey to explore an aspect of ourselves that I believe is worth being curious about to become more aware of the life scenarios we encounter over and over again, this aspect I like to call our inborn potential. 


This aspect of your life is the most dynamic and demands the knowledge of first two to avoid the pitfalls of the topic

Exploration of this aspect of life, gives you an overview of life scenarios that you constantly face, this in turn gives you a great reflective foundation to even further enhance your Mental health.

I believe the exploration of the inborn aspects of your lives, should be done with caution and proper guidance / mindset, that helps to avoid the tendencies of your personality to deploy mental filters (cognitive biases, distortion filters and expectations) in the process of discovery and making sense of what you find.

Just like with everything in life, as we discover in the first two steps of the framework, your mind seeks to make sense of the information you receive through automatic systems of meaning you have personally developed through life.

When you come in contact with any esoteric and metaphysical body of knowledge, the first things your brain does is look for patterns and meanings that fall in line with what you already believe to be true in life and it always twists the information it receives to serve the existing narratives of understanding the world around you.

This is why guidance is key here.

The guidance I provide within the framework, takes into account your existing mindset and personality.

I will guide you through the process of discovering your inborn potential in a way that will even further help you make sense of your life experiences and add another actionable layer of self-awareness.

Which you can use to: 

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