Why leaders need personal development?

Why leaders need personal development?
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Why leaders need personal development?

Personal development enables you to create alternative outcomes in life and improves relationships. Everything in life is a relationship, especially in leadership.

Business is all about relationships.

You have relationships with your partner, colleagues, family, significant others and generally all other people.

You have a relationship with yourself.

Everything in life is based on relationships.

Who you are in relation to other people, more accurately how you interpret and understand that relation is what forms the outcome.

So how can we level up the outcomes in our life?

First of all, every outcome in life is created by our re-Action which is a cause of our interpretation and understanding. 

Until the point we start questioning our interpretations and understandings this process implies doing the same things we have always done without second thought.

Funny side note, over thinking is also an automatic pattern.

An outcome is always a result of your inter-Action and within that inter-Action you cannot change the input, not the re-Action of the other person. You can only change your input and how You Re-Act to the input of the other.

To see real change in life, you need to transition from re-Acting to Responding.

One of which is impulsive and irrational (automatic), the other is aware and controlled (conscious).

To make this transition we need to develop a new ability.

I call it a mental luft (from German air), the mental ability to take a breath between the re-Acting impulse and Aware Responding. 

During this “breath” you reflect, analyze and rebalance your system.

The main difference between the two is our interpretation and understanding of the situation.

For example if your partner or colleague regularly phones you up late at night, depending on your personality, mood, situation and people around you, your re-Action can be very different, all the way from Aggression and frustration to compassion and empathy, but in the end if it pushes your boundaries it won’t be healthy.

Therefore, real change starts from a change in our interpretation and understanding of things we want to change.

How do we actually change our interpretation and understanding of things?

First, we start with learning to catch ourselves in action, how are we already interpreting and understanding situation

We need to analyze our distortion lens through which we uniquely view the world and more specifically the situation. 

We need to learn to catch our automatic though patterns and re-Actions to those relationships in life that matter to us.

If you want to create a change in your relationship with your partner, with your kids, with yourselves, within your business and your team.

You need to start understanding through which lens of perception you are judging, expecting, and interpreting, and to what beliefs you are holding on to within those relationships in life.

You will also need to develop an understanding of the change you want to create in your relationships and how you need to rewire your current perception to be able to Respond in a favorable manner to create that desired outcome through time.

When you learn to become aware of your throughs, your interpretations, your expectations in relationships, you will be able to start practicing, catching yourself at it.

When you will learn to catch yourself, you will start reminding yourself of the alternatives and desired outcomes which you want to create in those situations.

After reminding yourself, you will be able to step by step change your chain of thoughts and change your re-Action to a Response that would lead to desired change in life.

That is how step by step in your life you will create new outcomes.

That is how to take your life to the next level.

The main reasons you haven’t changed things in your life that aren’t serving you are either the change is not your priority, or you didn’t get the specific support you uniquely needed.

It is possible to get that support through personal development coaching, self-awareness development and emotional regulation development.

I have a question for you

If we were to sit down and discover where in life you are re-Acting in your relationships and creating undesired outcomes, if become aware, see and understand why and how you are interpreting and misunderstanding those situations how valuable would it be for you to?

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