Habit stacking [Small ideas, big impact]

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We all have something that we do on a daily basis without thinking about it.

Be it brushing our teeth, making morning coffee or anything else that has its own time or space during the day.

These activities have power, they are what we call habits. One of the most powerful thing about habits is that you don’t have to think about it when you’re doing it.

And with some of them you have space to think while doing it.

This opens a great opportunity to start implementing what the personal development industry calls “habit stacking”.

Adding something new as a sequence of actions to something that you are already habitually doing.

For example, while brushing your teeth in the morning and making coffee you have space to start thinking about the upcoming day.

After making that morning coffee what do you usually do?

What kind of activities does your morning coffee incorporate?

Now, do these activities help you to start your day productively?

Do they get you into the needed mood and mindset for a great day of self-realization?

Use this time and space in the morning to create a new habit stack. Add activities to your usual morning routine that will empower your upcoming day.

📌 Listening to an audiobook
📌 Journaling
📌 Content writing
📌 Stretching your body that is sitting almost all day or nonstop active
📌 Day scheduling

Share in comments how you empower yourself in the morning?

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