Personality typing gave some insights, but the big picture is still missing

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I went over so many personality typing tools and systems, they all gave some interesting insights, but the big picture is still missing. 

It’s like I’ve found puzzle pieces, they are beautiful by themselves, but I WANT THE WHOLE PUZZLE TOGETHER.

That is what I encounter over and over with my clients. There are so many things out there that promise to change our lives and better understand ourselves.

Yet, we are left with puzzle pieces that we need to somehow put together ourselves without knowing what the hell we are putting together.

I’ve been there and I’m still discovering. I Regularly come across people that have encountered personality typing tools, but couldn’t find practical application to what they found out.

Just like, “Okay, that’s me, NOW WHAT?”

That is what I believe is the biggest problem in the personal development space. You get information that is stand alone and you are left to play with it alone.

What’s worse it’s like you have to fit yourself into one of the three buckets of ideologies:
* Business / Money
* Self-realization / Being a creator
* Spiritual domain, where you presumably need let go of the other two

And if you are just like me, you can be left scratching your head, but why can’t those things co-exist?

All we really want is to feel safe, to belong and to self-actualize.

That is what led me on a quest of exploration over the past 5 years. Where the puzzles started to fit together, and a clearer picture began to form.

In the upcoming materials I want to share with you the main perspectives I’ve gathered and concluded.

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