I always tended to trust confident people with credentials

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I always tended to trust confident people with credentials. 

One time it played a bad but valuable joke on me.

Last year I’ve been on one training where a colleague with trustworthy credentials rattled my self-perception and persuaded me that my personality was different than I came to discover about myself for a multitude of years.

His reasoning was fair and, on the spot, I felt like a new side of me opened up that I have never came to see this way before. I was shocked to say the least.

I even spent over half a year exploring and finding proof that I was wrong all along about myself.

How susceptible we can be to the opinions of others.

During my research I came across one book that presented a fresh perspective on enneagram personality types.

While reading about the new believed type I was finding it hard to fit myself into the descriptions, it was a big sign to me that something is wrong here.

So, I decided to read about the type I perceived myself to be before and to my surprise everything made so much sense.

That for me was a big lesson and confirmation of the importance of taking into account different stages of development as well as any potential trauma that might have happened in life.

Rediscovering myself was like a homecoming, it’s not always easy to deal with yourself, but at least you know what you need to work with.

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