I thought it was enough to just plan it all out and it will all work out

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I thought it was enough to just plan it all out and it will all work out.

I had a project idea, it was just a no brainer. I had everything I needed to make it work, well so I thought.


I started working on it and instead of doing the right thing, it being planning out a basic version and going out to see what my potential clients thought about it, I stayed in my head. I anticipated, I planned, I overanalyzed.


It took me around two and a half years of overthinking, side tracking to other projects and psychotherapy to realize I had a severe case of social anxiety disorder (S.A.D.) and sad it was. It resulted in weeks, months and years of busy work on my projects without clients ever seeing them.


It stagnated my business, hid me from clients, held me back from partnerships and deceived me into questioning myself and my work.

I did have side gigs and clients here and there, but I never really got to building a growing business out of it, because I just had too much fear and anxiety toward connecting with new people.


So, I set my target at overcoming it. And here we are a big step closer to making my dreams of supporting my clients thrive a reality.


The moral of the story is the sooner we take a critical assessment of what is holding us back and understand our unconscious patterns of behavior, the sooner our busy work on our project will start paying off!
Join me in a quest to overcome these struggles. 

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