Guest: Frank King | Interview series Episode 2 | Topic “How do you make 2021 count for the business you love?”

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Our second episode in the series of interview with Entrepreneurs that are building a business they love. 

Tonight’s guest is Frank King | Suicide prevention speaker and trainer | 5 times TEDx speaker and TEDx coach | Speaker Marketing coach | Professional speaker for 35 years.

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Lives may depend on it.

In this episode Frank shares his stories, experience, and insights he discovered along his journey.

Key ideas from Frank:

  • Social Distancing and Staying Sane, Don’t Worry About Your Mentally Ill Friends or The Pandemic and Punchlines.
  • Secret of success is focus, riches are in the niches and own experience.
  • Half-hour power and much more.

Below you can find a time breakdown of the topics we touched:

0:00:00 – Intro

0:01:44 – Frank’s background story

0:07:06 – Do you have a side hustle Frank?

0:09:09 – How Frank found his current success

0:10:24 – How to stop being a commodity speaker? (Michael Port – Book yourself solid)

0:14:09 – Secret to success

0:15:04 – On ideal clients

0:15:04 – Bidding on your lives journey

0:18:39 – What If who you are is not who you are?

0:20:31 – Airplane story

0:22:22 – Now is the time to ask yourself this question

0:23:40 – About a friend that went through a transition

0:26:04 – Opportunity at tough times

0:29:37 – Sometimes it takes somebody from outside look in

0:32:04 – Life Balance and Lifehacks

0:35:50 – Frank’s 5 step self-care plan

0:41:47 – Step 5 Gamification

0:49:33 – A funny story on the typical question “How are you doing?”

0:51:03 – What to do if you’re feeling depressed/suicidal?

0:56:02 – Setting priorities and making decisions

0:59:08 – Having a support network

1:07:05 – Having an ideal life scenario

1:10:00 – What is helping you stay productive?

1:12:20 – Half hour power

1:16:09 – Regular Money-Making activities 3 strategies

1:25:18 – Tips on outsourcing

1:29:24 – Outreach to reactions on social

1:33:00 – How much time do you spend on sales and marketing?

1:37:34 – What is the key step in the buyer’s journey?

1:41:17 – A story about a TEDx application

1:45:41 – On work ethic, work time and we’re just out there talking

1:51:52 – What are we really getting paid for?

1:56:11 – Having a supporting network

2:03:51 – Different levels of income feeling

2:07:15 – The greatest compliments you can get as a speaker

2:09:31 – What advice would you give to the listeners on what can they do right now, to make the most out of 2021 in their business?

Life Origami Podcast with Alen Leit, is a talk show, where we take a look at business as a tool for self-realization. We will invite to the microphone Entrepreneurs who are building a business they love and will cover topics from self-development and self-awareness to productivity and business strategies.

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