Alen Leit

Alen Leit

Business Development Consultant | Strategic Business Coach

My Services

I Empower Your Self-realization in the business You love.

One-on-One Programs

"Growth catalyst"
Coaching program

We will map out the course for Your future growth, identify goals that should be the primary focus to get you there and take needed steps to ensure that You have what You need in order to achieve those goals.

Authentic Personal Brand Consulting Program

Training to get vision, mission and core values in alignment with authentic self & Your business.

Actionable plan in 5 days​

Your way out of analysis paralysis – create an actionable plan for Your next business move in 5 days​

Personality leverage profile creation

Your inborn and developed characteristics we need to consider when building a business and marketing strategy.

Group Programs & Community

Online Co-Working Space

An Online Live Community for Entrepreneurs that supports Your Self-realization in Business on a daily basis.

Life Architects
Mastermind Club​​

A premium group program that supports Your personal growth and Self-realization in the business You love on a weekly basis in addition to the live community.

Mastermind Weekend

An opportunity to try first-hand what can Masterminds offer to Your business and personal growth.

The Enneagram

For business and self-realization. 

The gateway to understanding the nature of your unconscious thoughts, emotions and behaviors.


What People Say

About working with me

Alen is excellent at viewing things from a different perspective. His support has been priceless for helping me fine-tuning many aspects of my business. He also provided valuable insight to help me achieve better communication and understanding with my business partners.
Andrea Bronzini
Serial entrepreneur | Traffic monetization expert
Career-wise and personal growth-wise, you were one of the 5 people that significantly added to my non-academic career growth. You are extremely knowledgeable, patient and kind with your time. You are an exceptional coach.
FengKong Lefifi
Black Girl PHD Coach | Tracking Chinese law and African investments
I absolutely loved my sessions with Alen. He always pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. Every time with him gave me clarity on the next step to take and that's exactly what I needed. I gain great new insights and incredible business strategies and tools that are very valuable. I highly recommend him.
Nwaego Muoma
Business woman | african fashion expert | empowerment coach
Referring to the analysis that you have done, I now base a lot of things in the vector of my development. There was a clear thought about my main purpose, it gave me such resonance in my thoughts, in the vector of understanding, it's just incredible. Everything in the analysis is clear and reflects what I see in myself. It made me understand that not only I look at things in a certain way. Alen presents tools through which every leader should get to know himself and then his leaders.
Viktor Solovjov
Serial Entrepreneur | business & strategic marketing accelerator founder
For me you differ from other personality typing specialists, in a way that you love what you do, you believe in it and are able to provide personalized interpretation of the material you work with, this is a rear quality to find.
Igor Dubinnikov
Skolkovo coach | Investor in people
At the beginning of 2020, I felt that there is a glass ceiling preventing my companies to grow and to get into the next level. And it was hard for me to tell what should we have done differently. I knew I needed a coach and was looking for it, when my friend told me about Alen. Since then, Alen has helped us to map out the structure, analyze and and find out pain points within our organization. He has also been asking direct, sometimes uncomfortable questions which needed attention. By answering those questions and dealing with those pain points has worked almost as an acupuncture therapy that has helped us to grow and get into the next level. We have a much clearer picture now about where are we heading. Working with Alen has helped me immensely both in personal and business growth.
Tiit Sild
serial entrepreneur | architect
I have been to Alen’s masterminds 3 times with a month break. Each time it was like a level up. These were steps on the way to myself. Now I clearly know what I want to do and what I want from this life 🙂 Now I am on my step-by-step journey)
Ksenya O.
starting Entrepreneur
Working with Alen gave me much more than I expected. As a result of the personality analysis, I received a large amount of knowledge about myself that I had not thought about before. In a couple of months I was able to restructure the work of the company. I reconsidered my views on doing business, on my relationships with employees, on the distribution of responsibilities. My business has turned from being prepared for closure into developing again and we now have far-reaching plans. By the way insights about myself gave me enough energy to actively develop another direction, now I can safely say that I have another business) In addition, we touched on very difficult for me topics of relationships with loved ones, with my family, as a result, I was able to be more open, I began to receive support and recognition, which I previously could not count on at all, this is very inspiring. For me, creation of my personality profile has become a kind of new platform from which I was able to push off and grow much faster. I am very grateful for your hard work and patience that you have put into our work.
Elena G.

Complementary business development coaching session

Are You an Entrepreneur building a business you love, that is already making several thousand a month and is working hard to make the business succeed, but the amount of goals, tasks and issues overwhelm you daily?

Do you feel like it is all on you and that you are alone in this?

If, this sounds exactly like what you are going through right now, I invite you to a Complementary business development coaching session that is my investment into you!

You know all the things you want to achieve!

Now the question is HOW to achieve it and not do it all alone!

Even better question HOW to make substantial progress in the next 3 months and do it with support?

Let’s discover the HOW!

Within 60 – 90 minutes you will gain clarity, we will laser focus on your priorities and set an action plan to get you closer to your goal within the upcoming two weeks.

To be fully transparent, I believe that work speaks for itself, therefore the complementary session is where we see how we work together, get you focused and see is our cooperation best fit to help you effectively work towards your goals.

Receive your Complementary business development coaching session with me! Register below!