I help Founder / CEO’s take the needed steps to make big impact on their business, relationships and personal development.

Are you a CEO and a founder of a micro – small business, that is working hard to make the business succeed, but the amount of goals, tasks and issues overwhelm you on a daily basis?

Do you feel like it is all on you and that you are alone in this?

If, this sounds exactly like what you are going through now, I invite you to a complementary coaching session that is my investment into you!

Within 60 – 90 minutes you will gain clarity, we will focus your priorities and set an action plan to get you closer to your goal within the upcoming week.

To be fully transparent, I believe that work speaks for itself, therefore the complementary session is where we see how we work together, get you focused and see is our cooperation best fit to help you effectively work towards your goals.

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Alen Leit

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Scaling you business, through scaling of your personality

Life Architects Mastermind Community - Estonia

Network of like-minded Founder / CEO’s in Estonia, where everyone shares a spirit of exploration and a desire to improve themselves, their community, and help others.

Individual coaching for
Founder / CEO's

Focus, Massive action, Results

Coaching program
“Growth catalyst”

Analysis of business and personality to identify the focus and steps for scaling.