Guest: Chris Anderson | Interview series Episode 1 | Topic “How do you make 2021 count for the business you love?”

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Our first episode in the series of interview with Entrepreneurs that are building a business they love.

Tonight’s guest is Chris Anderson | Founder & CEO of Pencil Leadership | Coach for Online Entrepreneurs | Podcaster

Chris’s background in Sport coaching led him to discover his passion towards helping others begin to build a life they love.

Find more about Chris:

In this episode he shares his story, experience, and insights he discovered along his journey.

Below you can find a time breakdown of the topics we touched:

  • 0:01:23 – Chris’s Background
  • 0:03:33 – Are you an night own or morning lark?
  • 0:05:25 – What are you passionate about or in other words what can keep you up at night?
  • 0:08:06 – What is your why behind the business?
  • 0:10:45 – Running a business you are passionate about, how do you manage to balance between family, business, and yourself?
  • 0:13:59 – Do you have any tips for the listeners on finding balance?
  • 0:16:09 – Diving deeper into balance finding, how do you make decisions and set priorities?
  • 0:18:59 – Do you have something like an ideal life scenario prepared or how far ahead do you plan things in your life?
  • 0:20:29 – Where do you keep your goals not to forget where you are heading?
  • 0:21:58 – How do you plan your week? What helps you to be productive?
  • 0:28:48 – Can you name one monthly, one weekly and one daily activity that is pivotal to your business growth?
  • 0:32:04 – What does outreach mean?
  • 0:35:27 – On what do you spend 50% of the workday???
  • 0:36:42 – What advice can you give on the topic of outsourcing tasks?
  • 0:38:41 – What was the first thing you outsourced?
  • 0:43:08 – First hire?
  • 0:44:28 – What is the most important step of the buyer’s journey and what should that step have, to maximize conversion?
  • 0:46:13 – A must have to build brand authority
  • 0:47:13 – In your case can you name one tool or system that gave you a massive boost to your self-awareness?
  • 0:49:58 – The Enneagram experience
  • 0:53:22 – Change in self-perception with growth in income
  • 0:57:18 – What do you think actually influenced your growth of income?
  • 0:59:24 – Having a busy lifestyle, do you have any self-care rituals?
  • 1:02:27 – How important was and is your surrounding to your growth and success?
  • 1:04:16 – Who were had the most influence on you?
  • 1:06:31 – What did it take to create your surrounding? Or how did it come to be?
  • 1:08:02 – What strategies helped you the most to find the right people?
  • 1:10:18 – Reaching out to people we admire
  • 1:14:25 – What advice would you give to the listeners on what can they do right now, to make the most out of 2021 in their business?

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