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[Solo Episode 2] Let’s talk about 2021, health and self-awareness

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Let’s talk about 2021, health and self-awareness. After being unable to do any work yesterday due to health issues, I wanted to rise this discussion with you!

This live is part of discussion series touching life, business, hobbies and much more.

Can you truly have it all?

Both Business success and self-realization?

There is a Russian proverb on the topic of Focus:

“If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.”

Is business success and self-realization in the business you love really two separate rabbits or are these two things what you truly deserve and can have?

This is what we will discover in the upcoming “Two rabbits Challenge – can you catch them both in the business you love?”

This challenge is especially for you if:

💡You feel that the business became too big and it’s hard to enjoy yourself and do what you love, because there are so many business questions that you must do.


💡You feel that the business you love deserves faster growth in 2021.

It’s purpose is to help prepare and plan for 2021 and to make 2021 count for the business you love.

Starting on 15th of December. I’ve divided the program into 5 days.

On day 1 – We will holistically analyze your life balance

On day 2 – We will holistically analyze your business scale

On day 3 – We will dive deep into goal setting, eliminating goal overwhelm, align goals, and learn how to set goals that you are most likely to achieve

On day 4 – We will touch on the topic of self-awareness role in business success

Day 5 – Will uncover the influence of our surrounding on our success.

Additionally, actively participating in the challenge and doing all the daily homework tasks, you can qualify to take part in live mastermind/group coaching sessions on Day 5 and 6. Where we will work through one of your business-related questions together with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and my facilitation.

👇 To register follow the link below: 👇

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