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[Interview series Episode 7] Guest: Lynn Power – Interview topic “How do you make 2021 count for the business you love?”

Our seventh episode in the series of interview with Entrepreneurs that are building a business they love. Tonight’s guest is Lynn Power | Founder and Owner of Masami premium haircare brand | Recorded on 25-12-2020

A Journey from Criminal justice faculty and desire to become a FBI agent to 30 years in advertising and being the CEO of J. Walter Thompson NY Advertising company and finally to open a premium haircare brand Masami with her business partner James.

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00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:21 – Lynn Power Background – Liberal Arts – Criminal Justice – Desire to join the FBI and 30 years in advertising
00:04:47 – Meeting her business partner, preparing their business and launching Masami
00:07:32 – Being a morning vs night person with kids
00:08:43 – Lynn Power’s passion in life
00:10:10 – Why is it important for entrepreneurs to know their passion when leading a business
00:13:42 – The right way to architect your life and team
00:16:02 – The issue with mastering all aspects of the job

You need to know a little about everything, enough to be dangerous

00:19:32 – The Story of Lynn Power’s premium haircare brand Masami and how did it come to be
00:24:10 – How did the launch go in 2020
00:28:30 – Marketing strategy behind the launch
00:32:02 – Partnerships as a foundation of promoting a business
00:35:32 – How you target audience can be totally different than you planned
00:38:59 – Lynn, growing your business, how do you manager to have balance between business, family and personal care?
00:43:29 – Planning and setting goals for the business, Lynn how do you make decisions and set priorities? | The reason why many start-ups and brands are struggling.
00:45:55 – How to make Mission and Vision truly practical – No Fluff – PBEC 4 lenses for values
00:50:38 – Staying practically Intune with your vision and mission – Your manifesto and T-shirt rallying cry – Build your brand like writing a good read
00:55:13 – Planning far ahead – ideal scenario for life and business
00:57:30 – Practicality of Planning 5 months ahead in business
00:59:21 – Planning the week and foundational activities for business growth
01:03:30 – Top value driving Live streaming platforms for product businesses
01:04:46 – What marketing activities should you engage into and how much should you budget for it – minimum and optimal
01:08:18 – Tips on outsourcing tasks – tight briefs – hiring students and first hires
01:15:58 – Most important part of the buyers journey and how to maximize it’s conversation
01:18:35 – Developing self-awareness through experience and reflection
01:23:38 – Importance of mental health for founders (being able to talk it through)
01:28:11 – Importance of surrounding and how to build it
01:31:05 – Advice from Lynn Power on what to do right now, to make the most of 2021 in your business

Life Origami Podcast with Alen Leit, is a talk show, where we take a look at business as a tool for self-realization. We will invite to the microphone Entrepreneurs who are building a business they love and will cover topics from self-development and self-awareness to productivity and business strategies.

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