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[Interview series Episode 5] Guest: Michelle Kuei – Interview topic “How do you make 2021 count for the business you love?”

Our fifth episode in the series of interview with Entrepreneurs that are building a business they love.

Tonight’s guest is Michelle Kuei.

Michelle is a professional speaker, confidence & leadership mindset coach, meditation & mindfulness teacher who empowers women to upgrade the internal narratives and empowers them fearlessly unleash personal freedom in a fulfilling personal and professional life.

As the founder of Elevate Life Coaching, a seminar and coaching company, Michelle is also the host of the podcast “Perfectly Normal” and a weekly live Facebook show “Monday Coffee Talk.” She’s an experienced professional speaker and highly requested guest to international podcast interviews.

Below you can find a time breakdown of the topics we touched in the interview:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:00:50 – Michelle’s background

00:02:02 – Are you a morning or a night person?

00:03:36 – How do you manage to upkeep this?

00:03:56 – Reason for getting up in the morning

00:09:02 – Question to Michelle: How do you get yourself in the flow of your purpose in the morning?

00:11:38 – How do you self-motivate?

00:16:02 – Waking up refreshed

00:17:52 – Setting the intention for the day

00:20:15 – Talking about passion

00:23:25 – Michelle’s business

00:26:16 – Managing balance between business, family and self-care

00:31:41 – 7 ways of making decisions

00:49:22 – Once you have the emotional awareness, what do you do with it

00:51:09 – Question to Michelle: How far ahead in life do you plan?

00:52:31 – Stretching planning to two weeks instead of one

00:54:28 – How do you plan your week and what tools help you to be productive?

00:57:25 – Carrying 7 journals daily (The Happy planner)

01:01:33 – What do you do for business growth?

01:04:02 – On daily posting

01:08:57 – Outsource tips

01:13:15 – Why hire Social media manager first?

01:14:28 – What is the most important step in the buyers journey?

01:17:40 – Don’t sell to the unsellable

01:19:44 – No right now, is not a no forever

01:23:42 – What gave you a big boost to self-awareness

01:28:33 – Change in self-perception through growth of income

01:32:50 – How important for you was and is your surrounding for success?

01:34:37 – How do you create a new environment?

01:39:38 – Advice from Michelle on what to do right now, to make the most of 2021 in your business

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