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[Interview series Episode 3] Guest: Nelson Tressler – Interview topic “How do you make 2021 count for the business you love?”

Our third episode in the series of interview with Entrepreneurs that are building a business they love. Tonight’s guest is Nelson Tressler | BUSINESSMAN, ENTREPRENEUR, AND MENTOR | Goal Achievement Expert.

Founder, CEO and Veteran after his time in the US Air Force, Nelson created and masterminded more than 10 successful businesses.

Nelson’s website:

Nelson’s 15 Philosophies Starter Kit:

The Unlucky Sperm Club Book:

Below you can find a time breakdown of the topics we touched:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:37 – Nelson’s background

00:05:06 – What helped you to challenge that?

00:08:57 – Are you a morning or a night person?

00:10:38 – What is your passion and how did you find it?

00:12:49 – How do you balance family, business, self-care and development?

00:16:01 – How do you manage to stay in both worlds productively?

00:18:20 – Nelson on setting making decision, priorities and goals

00:21:31 – Developing further the idea that Nelson presented about making decisions

00:26:00 – Discussing the ideal life scenario and life planning

00:28:30 – On deadlines and their effect

00:30:10 – The app that helps Nelson to stay productive on a daily basis

00:34:07 – Being productive in business

00:37:04 – Lightly on setting and clarifying

00:39:28 – Daily, weekly and monthly priorities for business growth

00:41:45 – Tips on outsourcing tasks

00:47:25 – What first hires can make a difference?

00:50:00 – What is the most important step and what should we do to maximize the conversion?

00:52:55 – From Nelsons experience: what is enough to take our product or services to the market?

00:55:16 – Can you name one tool or system that gave a massive boost to your self-awareness

00:59:30 – How did growth of income change your self-perception?

01:01:37 – What was the actual influencer of income?

01:03:58 – Self-care rituals, how Nelson takes care of himself

01:07:22 – How the surrounding was and is supporting your success?

01:08:50 – How did you create your surrounding?

01:09:50 – Tips from Nelson on how to find your surrounding

01:11:30 – Nelson on finding and reaching out to people who are more “successful” that you are

01:17:32 – Advice from Nelson on what can you do right now to make the most out of 2021 in your business

Life Origami Podcast with Alen Leit, is a talk show, where we take a look at business as a tool for self-realization. We will invite to the microphone Entrepreneurs who are building a business they love and will cover topics from self-development and self-awareness to productivity and business strategies.

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