Alen Leit

Business Development Consultant | Strategic Business Coach


Individual coaching for Entrepreneurs

1. We will get you focused on priorities
2. Engage into weekly massive action
3. Overview gained results

Focus and Defining priorities

We will conduct a strategic planning session to set 3 main priorities to be achieved in the upcoming 12 weeks. To obtain clarity, plan and focus.

Weekly massive action

Be ready to weekly work towards your goals! Our weekly meeting will help to overview past results and plan the upcoming week by creating a list of weekly tasks to get you constantly moving towards your ultimate desired results.

Daily chat support

On a daily basis I will be available in Telegram chat for quick focus and brainstorming exchanges.

Mastermind CLub

This coaching program includes participation in our Mastermind Club with Ultimate mastermind journey membership plan

All champions have coaches. I believe you deserve one as well!

– Alen Leit